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Education Sessions

Each month the Capacity Building Team hosts education sessions for SJHH staff and community members on a variety of topics relating to Concurrent Disorders (CD). See our education archive with slides and videos below.

Education Session Wednesday February 22nd 2023  

Monthly Education Archive

November 2022

"What Do You Mean I Have BPD?" The Importance of  Helping Clients Understand Their BPD Diagnosis

May 2022

Harm Reduction

June 2021

Mood Disorders and Substance Use

October 2022

Brief Interventions for Substance Use

March 2022

Substances, Withdrawal and Mental Health

May 2021

Motivational Interviewing

July 2022

Basic Trauma Education and Core Principles

September 2021

PTSD and Concurrent Disorders

April 2021 

Assessment and Management of Substance Use

June 2022

VEGA Family Resources

July 2021

ACT for Trauma

March 2021

Vanier Towers Innovative Approaches to Healthcare

February 2020

Nursing Approaches/Assessment for: Concurrent Disorders and Withdrawal

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Suicide Awareness Day

Panel Discussion

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June 2019

Family Support Services

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January 2019

ACT for Co-Occurring Depression and Alcohol Use

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September 2018

Suicide Risk Assessment and Addiction

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November 2019

What do we Know About Vaping?

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Dear Yellow Sun Suicide Awareness Day

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May 2019


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December 2018

Internet Gaming and Hyper-Sexual Addictions

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August 2018

Skills for Substance Use Engagement

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October 2019

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

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August 2019

Emotion Efficacy Therapy

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April 2019

Recreation Therapy and Concurrent Disorders

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November 2018

Implementing ACT in Clinical Practice

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September 2019

Assessment and Management of Substance Use

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July 2019

The Managed Alcohol Program

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February 2019

Withdrawal Services:

MASH and Womankind

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October 2018

Assessment, Brief Interventions & Strategies

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