Provider Resources

What do we do?

  • Provide consultations to individuals who use substances or are struggling with addiction, at any level of motivation/stage of change. We work collaboratively with members of the clients’ clinical team to formulate individualized interventions. 

    • Place an order for “Concurrent Capacity Team Inpatient Consult” through Dovetale: enter a patient’s chart, go to the orders tab, search for "Concurrent Capacity Team Inpatient Consult," and fill in the necessary information.

*If you require an immediate consult (e.g., patient may be discharged shortly, etc.), please submit a referral as normal and also contact the Capacity Building Team member for your area by pager (Charlton/weekend service page 5799, West 5th page 5738).

Below is a collection of resources of use for mental health care providers and professionals. Click on one of the topics below for more information: