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Provider Resources

What We Do

  • Provide consultations to individuals who use substances or are struggling with addiction, at any level of motivation/stage of change. We work collaboratively with members of the clients’ clinical team to formulate individualized interventions. 

    • Place an order for “Concurrent Capacity Team Inpatient Consult” through Dovetale: enter a patient’s chart, go to the orders tab, search for "Concurrent Capacity Team Inpatient Consult," and fill in the necessary information.

*If you require an immediate consult (e.g., patient may be discharged shortly, etc.), please submit a referral as normal and also contact the Capacity Building Team member for your area by pager (Charlton/weekend service page 5799, West 5th page 5738).

Below is a collection of resources of use for mental health care providers and professionals. Click on one of the topics below for more information:

Informative substance use sheets, provided in both PDF. and Docx.

Past presentations and webinars hosted by the Concurrent Disorders Program 

Collection of resources to assist  during the process of self-administering the DDCAT or DDCMHT

Upcoming and past education sessions

Clinical Tools regarding Mental Health, Substance Use, and Concurrent Disorders

Various modules that can be completed at your own pace

Collection of Concurrent Disorders Best Practices Resources

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