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YA-SUP Research

The YA-SUP uses the best available research evidence to create and inform the program, while collecting data to contribute to advances in young adult substance use research and care. We are both an evidence-based and evidence-generating program. Through the program you will have opportunities to participate in research, such as through consenting for your self-assessment data to be included in our research database or opportunities to be involved in other YA-SUP research projects. We will post any findings from our research related to the program on this page to keep you updated.

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Frayme Great Big Stories Grant (2022)

The YA-SUP received a $20,000 Great Big Stories project grant in 2022 from Frayme. for a project called, "Measuring and understanding quality of life in a young adult substance use program." This study included interviews with young adults in the program, focus groups with parents who attended the Loved Ones Education group, and looking at the self-assessment survey data from all young adults consenting to research in the YA-SUP so far. The study was co-designed, co-facilitated, and co-interpreted with young adults with lived expertise. 


  1. Click here to read the summary of results (including a visual summary and a parent resource)

  2. Click here to read how youth engagement was incorporated throughout the study

  3. Click here to view the final research publication! 

YA-SUP Quality of Life Summary

YA-SUP Youth Engagement Report

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