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Mental Health and Addictions Self Directed Educational Opportunity

The educational materials and content provided on this webpage are to support health care professionals to provide more effective care to those living with Mental Health and Addictions.

 This step-by-step training will help to fill in the blanks and help to increase your confidence in providing the best health care for your patients. If you are not a direct care provider, this information will still be useful in understanding the complexities that our patients face, and may influence you to think differently in your role. 

Each section has an estimated completion time, to help you budget your time. It is created in a linear way to help build knowledge on foundational elements, and is best completed in order.

**Please note** the first three modules can be accessed by selecting the link below the title. It will take you to an education page from CAMH. For these three modules, there is an optional "review" section at the end. There have been some reported issues with this - feel free to skip the review.  Once you have completed the training, log on to LMS to complete the 4 tests that will demonstrate your completion of this training. They have been assigned to you and can be found under "my learning". If you are experiencing issues getting them to load in your browser, please try cutting and pasting the web address into the Google Chrome Browser. 

1.  Mental Health and Stigma (Approximately 20 Minutes) (corresponds to module M1 in LMS)

2Mental Health 101 (Approximately 20 minutes) (corresponds to module M2 in LMS)

3. Mental Health and Older Adults (Approximately 20 minutes) (corresponds to M3 in LMS)

4. Substance Use, Abuse and Addictions - PowerPoint will appear as a download (Approximately 50 minutes) (corresponds to M4 in LMS)



5. Depression (Approximately 20 minutes)

6. Anxiety (Approximately 20 minutes)

7. Psychiatric Medication Pamphlets (Approximately 20 minutes)

8. Concurrent Disorders (Approximately 20 minutes)

9. Substance Information Sheets (Approximately 20 minutes)

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