Loved Ones Education Group

A group for loved ones of young adults with substance use

The YA-SUP Loved Ones Education Group is a group for the parents and other supporters of young adults (17-25) with substance use problems. This may include immediate, extended, or chosen parents and family members or close friends and partners. 


This group is based on  Community Reinforcement Approach to Family Training (CRAFT). CRAFT is an evidence-based approach to change the way you interact with your child or loved one to promote positive relationships and recovery. Substance use can be difficult to understand and challenging to cope with. CRAFT talks about how behaviour makes sense and how the environment, community, and social support can play a powerful role in recovery. 

The Loved Ones Stream is distinct and operates separately from the Young Adult Stream. You do not have to have a child in the young adult program to participate in the Loved Ones Education Group. 

Loved ones program.png

This group includes 7 sessions: 

  1. Group Overview, Safety, and Self Care

  2. Understanding Substance Use

  3. Positive Communication 

  4. Past Patterns & New Strategies

  5. Rewards & Coping with Intoxication

  6. Allowing Negative Consequences

  7. Special Cases, Review, & Next Step