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Below is a collection of resources to assist your program/service during the process of self-administering the DDCAT or DDCMHT.


Index Summary Sheets

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which assessment do we use?

The DDCAT is for Addictions services and the DDCMHT is for Mental Health services. Only do the one that is the best fit for your organization.


  • Do we complete one assessment for the entire organization or an assessment for each distinct program?

We understand that asking organizations to complete the assessment for each program within their service may be cumbersome for some. Our suggestion would be to see if you can group some programs together and do an assessment for groups of programs. If you chose to assess groups of programs, we suggesting grouping programs that are in the same building as the environmental scan is the same across the programs. When conducting the focus group, you can ask a range of people to come to represent each program and have them sit according to which program they belong to. Alternatively, you may select specific programs, possible three or four, that you think should be concurrent capable and focus on assessing these programs.

  • Is it acceptable to conduct the assessment internally?

Requiring organizations to have an external assessor may be a barrier and due to time constraints, we are permitting organizations to conduct the assessment internally. Our goal is to get to a point where programs are evaluating one another with peer organizations and if you are able to do so at this time, that is great.


  • Is there a plan to train the individuals conducting the assessments?

On the website, we have the toolkits and handouts that we have created to assist you in the assessment. Furthermore, we will have teleconferences in April and May to give individuals an opportunity to ask questions and learn more about conducting the assessment.

  • Can the assessment be integrated into our QIP?

Yes. This is not required but if you can do so in tight time frame, that is great.

  • Can senior staff from another program do the assessment?

This may be costly in terms of staff time, therefore we suggest utilizing students as they have more of an outside, objective view and are often keen to complete this. However, if having a senior staff from another program complete the assessment, then yes.

  • Do we have to complete the full scoring process?

At this time, we are asking organizations to complete and submit the scoring matrix and one quality improvement initiative to be rolled out in 2019-2020.

  • How long does the assessment take?

We would suggest that those doing the assessment devote one day (6 to 7 hours) to completing the assessment and scoring requirements.

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